July 1, 2022


Surgery Preparation


After Dr Jordaan has advised you that you require surgery it can often be an overwhelming time in regards to information and paperwork. Please remember that we are here to help!

Below is a list of information you may find helpful to guide you through the surgical process.

Pre-Surgery Work up

Prior to Surgery Dr Jordaan will take your complete medical history. Routine investigations, such as blood tests and X-rays may be ordered prior to surgery if required.

Dr Jordaan will also advise you as to whether you need to cease any supplements and Medication prior to surgery.

  • If you are taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications, you will need to stop taking them one week before surgery to minimize bleeding.
  • If you smoke, you should stop or cut down to reduce your surgery risks and improve your recovery.
  • If you are currently experiencing a skin infection please notify Dr Jordaan. It is important that surgery not be performed until lesions have cleared up.

Preparing for The Day of Surgery

 If you are required to book surgery, our reception staff will walk you through the process.

You will be required to fast (nil by mouth including water) prior to your surgery. Please listen carefully to your doctor and our reception staff in relation to this information.

When you shower in preparation for your surgery please do not use any perfume, deodorant or apply makeup. Female patients should refrain from wearing nail polish. All jewelry should be removed and valuable items left at home.

 As your surgery requires overnight admission you should take the following to hospital with you:

  • Toiletries
  • Pyjamas
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Medicare, Health Insurance Information

Preparing for Discharge

  • Prior to discharge the nursing staff will explain Dr Jordaans post operative instructions in relation to pain medication and wound care.
  • If you have not been given a follow-up appointment time with Dr Jordaan the hospital reception staff will arrange this for you
  • Once you are home please follow the post – operative instructions they are vital in ensuring you have a speedy recovery
  • If at any time you have concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our rooms on 07 55393 055